31 Mar

pd2pd1Our secret to the perfect pie dough is pastry flour and butter. The traditional recipe calls for All – Purpose flour, butter and shortening (Crisco). Our recipe is more flakey with a lighter texture. If you don’t have pastry flour it’s easy to make. Sift together equal parts cake flour and all -purpose flour. The two examples shown above represent the top crust (flakey) and the bottom crust (mealy).


10 oz. Sifted pastry flour

7oz. Butter

3oz. Cold water

3/4oz. salt

1/2 oz. Sugar



Combine pastry flour, salt, sugar and frozen butter cut up in 1/2 inch pieces. Manipulate the dough with your fingers until it resembles the examples above. For the flakey (top crust) manipulate the dough but leave the butter slightly chunky. For the mealy (bottom crust) manipulate dough until it resembles corn meal. Add water form a ball and refrigerate for one hour.



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