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Tasty Tip

WP_20150514_007 Our TASTY TIP for June, What to do with my leftovers? One of the first rules I learned in culinary school was no waste! I’ve created an appetizer from leftover collard greens and rice ( shown above ). I chose a twist on a Chinese dish and made eggrolls and fried rice. This concept can be pared with many different ingredients as well. For instance Jambalaya or Hoppin’ John with your rice and one of my favorites Corned Beef and Cabbage with spicy yellow mustard for your eggrolls. Whatever the choice you decide ! Bon Appetit

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Tasty Tip

Summer is officially here. That means to stay cool you’ll be consuming lots of cold & delicious treats like ice cream.  Ever tasted ice cream that contained those not-so-tasty ice crystals?  When exposed to air ice cream quickly develops ice crystals and freezer burn. Well, here is a tip to help put that problem…on ice:

  1. As the ice cream is consumed, cut off the empty part of the container with scissors or a knife.
  2. Discard the extracted container; then replace the lid and return to the freezer.

That tasty tip will help cut down on ice crystal formation and freezer burn. However, it won’t cut down on calories. For that you will have to consume less ice cream or exercise more after you indulge in a big banana split topped with pieces of BTC Toffee!  😉

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